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About us

Who we are

The VSV (Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knowledge) is committed to increase awareness about traffic and mobility in the region of Flanders, Belgium. On the one hand, it achieves this goal by organising permanent courses for professionals in the traffic sector – representatives, mobility officials, police, etc. On the other hand, the VSV develops projects and organises awareness campaigns for traffic participants of all ages, both during and after their schooling. The VSV is active throughout Flanders, and was established by the decree of the Flemish Parliament of 21 March 1990.

Mission and vision statement of the VSV

What we do

The VSV organises five different kinds of projects:

  • Training and refresher courses
  • Higher education
  • Education in primary and secondary schools
  • Advice and research
  • Public awareness campaigns

The VSV offers a range of projects and services for all age groups. Here you can find some of them.

The VSV also regularly participates in international conferences. Click here to consult our most recent presentations.


Want to know more about our activities? Or does your organization want to cooperate with the VSV? Please let us know!

VSV (Vlaamse Stichting Verkeerskunde)
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