Learning online about an integrated approach to road safety, based on good examples from European countries. We encourage knowledge exchange by introducing the participants and using an interactive approach. Themes and topics include road safety strategies, strategies in education and awareness raising, infrastructure, enforcement and the European framework.  

See you there? https://www.roadsafetysummerschool.be/



It's a 5-day online course:

  1. Road safety: where do we want to get to?
  2. Education and awareness raising
  3. Infrastructure, data and vehicle technology
  4. Performance indicators and enforcement
  5. The international framework

You can find a detailed schedule here.


The European Road Safety Summer School is a 5-day course in English intended for professionals dealing with road safety and mobility issues and wanting to expand their knowledge and expertise in this field: staff at national, regional or local authorities, road safety interest groups, police, spatial planning and road infrastructure departments, members of consultation committees, researchers….


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